All of our oils are 100% natural, wild-crafted, and/or organic, sustainably and ethically harvested, and all are therapeutic quality.  We are proud to be members of the Natural Perfumer's Guild, which has the strictest standards in the perfume industry regarding what is a truly natural fragrance.  All ingredients must be 100% natural.
We use only pure and natural botanical essences captured in 100% organic carriers such as pharmaceutical-grade grape alcohol, beeswax, and jojoba oil.  We don't add anything synthetic, and we try to use organic ingredients whenever possible.  We always list our ingredients, but if you have questions, please let us know.  We're happy to go over each one with our customers.


In a small cottage tucked into a bramble forest is a collection of tattered books, dusty bones, and countless bottles of potions, serums, and elixirs.  Here is where our artisan perfumes and colognes, curiosities, and unique blends are created, conjured with the magic of the forest.  


Sylva Pagana [from the Latin 'woodland country-dweller'] uses the finest quality organic and natural oils from lands near and far to create unique, exotic, and magical blends to soothe, inspire, and beautify.  We believe that natural botanicals are the living soul of Nature, and we work to find ethically and sustainably sourced materials.


Come into the forest and see what awaits...

Faires and Festivals 

Sherwood Forest Medieval Faire - Paige, TX - March-April

Norman Medieval Fair - Norman, Okla. - April

Oddities & Curiosities Expo - Austin, TX - Aug. 17

Kansas City Renaissance Festival - Kansas City, Sept.-Oct.

Steampunk November - Mansfield, TX - November


There are also a few new festivals added throughout the year.  Visit for our most up-to-date schedule as dates and events often change.

We're Patterson and Delaney Martin, and we've been blending scents as Sylva Pagana since 2011.  We live in rural Oklahoma where we handcraft natural fragrances, oils, and alchemy arts.  We live in a quite little house tucked between fields of farmland and the Cross Timbers.  We live with Nature, careful to take less than we leave, and respectful of all that the forest and field provide.

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