Our all natural Styling Wax is formulated to keep your whiskers looking their best. With organic beeswax and organic candellia wax, our Styling Wax is long-lasting and scented with only the finest natural and organic essential oils, resins, and absolutes. Each is lightly scented so it can be worn all day without becoming overwhelming. Its just under your nose, after all!

OAKMOSS AND VETIVER (firm hold) is earthy, rich, and masculine.
DARK AMBER RESIN (firm hold) is sweet, rich, and earthy.


Quarter-ounce in a silver slider tin.

To use: Just scrape out a small amount, then rub it between your fingers to soften. Run the wax through your hair and shape as desired. You are now handsome and dapper! Our mustache wax is not water soluble for maximum hold. To easily remove, just work a drop of our beard oil through the hair and pull out the wax.

Mustache Wax

  • Organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic candellia wax, organic/wild-crafted essentail oils

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