Inspired the ancient traditions of Winter offerings, STRANGE SPIRITS 1390 recalls a wintery night, a warm hearth, and rich mulled wine.  The long, cold nights make us ponder the darkness, and we find comfort in blood red wine warmed over the fire, laden with heavy spices, and sweetened with crisp apples.  We share these spirits with the spirits of the orchard in hopes that the trees will give a heavy harvest. 


The scent opens with dusky black currants and slow-simmered apples.  The spicy warmth lingers on the skin as the night grows longer. 

Separation of natural ingredients is normal. Shake well before applying.


Strange Spirits 1390

  • We use only pure and natural botanical essences captured in organic carriers such as grape alcohol, beeswax, and jojoba oil. We don't add anything synthetic, and we try to use organic ingredients whenever possible. We always list our ingredients, but if we've missed something, please let us know. We're happy to go over each one with our customers.
    INGREDIENTS: Organic grape alcohol, distilled water, organic benzoin resin essential oil, organic amyris essential oil, organic black currant bud absolute (co2), organic clove bud essential oil, organic green cognac essential oil, organic nutmeg essential oil, organic lime peel essential oil, organic cinnamon leaf essential oil, organic spearmint essential oil, organic hay absolute, organic spikenard tincture [organic spikenard, organic grape alcohol]

    We use only the finest natural botanical essences captured in pure, certified organic grape alcohol that is grown and distilled in the USA. It meets or exceeds United States Pharmacopeia standards, and it is free of absolutely any synthetic additives. This is not so-called "perfumer's alcohol" which contains many synthetic chemicals to prolong the life of the fragrance. We've chosen alcohol from organically grown wine grapes because it is proven to be the least drying to the skin. 
    Our products and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Our products are not intended to cure, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease. Please consult a licensed professional if your condition continues or worsens. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or have any medical condition consult your physician before using essential oils. If skin irritation should occur, discontinue use.

  • Due to the personal nature of our products, we cannot make returns or exchanges.  We off sample sizes for purchase so you can test a new fragrance.

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